We are happy to present you with our latest game version. This update mainly focuses on ergonomics, display improvements, and a few other fixes. We hope this update will help improve your game experience.


Initial Rollout – 29.08.22 08:45 UTC – 09:45 UTC (+/- 15 min)

  • com203
  • pl11 pl101

Global 1 – 30.08.22 08.45 UTC – 10:15 UTC (+/- 15 min)

  • com1 com2 com3 com5 com101 com202
  • gr1
  • nl1 nl201
  • m1 m1101 m1201
  • pl1 pl3
  • us1 us101 us102

Global 2 – 31.08.22 08.45 UTC – 10:15 UTC (+/- 15 min)

  • de1 de3 de4 de5 de7 de8 de9 de18 de101 de105 de201
  • fr1 fr3 fr101
  • it1 it101

Global 3 – 01.09.22 08.45 UTC – 10:15 UTC (+/- 15 min)

  • cz1 cz3 cz7 cz101
  • es1 es2 es201
  • pt1 pt2
  • ro2
  • ru1 ru105 ru201 ru204
  • tr2
  • ua1

Shortly before or in endgame or offline:

  • com201
  • cz201
  • de11 de107 de204 de205
  • fr201 fr202
  • it3 it201
  • nl2
  • pl5 pl201
  • ro1
  • ru5 ru15
  • tr1
  • ua2
  • us103
  • (MOBILE) The ergonomics of the profile options have been improved to prevent accidental deletions and offer more convenient navigation.
  • (ASSOCIATION) (NOTIFICATIONS) Sometimes, when declining an application received in the association, a player could get the message that they had been kicked out. While it was only a faulty message, the issue has now been resolved.
  • (BROWSER) (WATCHING OTHER PLAYERS) The train list of other players you watched was not visible. It has been fixed and should work as intended. This issue was already fixed in the mobile update 2.0.3.
  • (BROWSER) (TUTORIAL) The tutorial/Lucy button/indicator will now display the correct status of the tutorial: a yellow question mark for the quest solved with a pending/not yet redeemed reward; a grey question mark for an unsolved quest; no tutorial indicator is displayed when all steps have been solved -- this issue was already fixed in the mobile update 2.0.3.
  • (MEDALS) A bug has been fixed which made the medal "42. I'm in a hurry" appear as redeemable several times a day, even if it had already been redeemed.
  • (ASSOCIATION) (APPLICATIONS) An issue has been resolved that prevented applications from being dismissed and would stick around endlessly.
  • (TRAINSPOTTER): We changed the name "yansi" to "Yansi".