Weekly Discord Giveaway!

Dive into our Weekly Discord Giveaway!

Every player dreams of that rare chance to strike gold, and we are making it incredibly easy for you! How, you ask? It’s as simple as a click and a reply! The giveaway will take place once a week, but never on the same day or time. Check Discord regularly to not miss out on future giveaways.


How to participate

  1. Join the #giveaways Discord channel:

First things first: make your way to our #giveaways channel on Discord. Click here This is where the magic happens! By being part of this community, you’re one step closer to winning big.


  1. Click the magical emoji:

Now the real enchantment begins. After we announce a giveaway, all you need to do is click the 🎉 emoji reaction beneath the announcement. It’s like waving a wand, but much simpler! With just a tap, you’ve entered the race for the weekly prize, and who knows, this might just be your lucky week.


  1. Bonus chance: engage with us!

But hold on, it doesn’t end there. We’re all about adding a touch of excitement to the mix. In our dedicated thread, you’ll find an interesting question waiting for you. Answer it and you’ll unlock an extra chance to win an additional reward. Double the fun, double the chances!


Community spirit

Our weekly giveaways on Discord are more than just an opportunity for a stroke of fortune. They are a chance to learn an interesting fact every week, connect with fellow community members, share your passion and celebrate your victories together. Each time the emoji is clicked or a thoughtful reply is posted to the weekly question, you’re joining a community of like-minded players who understand the magic of Rail Nation.


We’re looking forward to seeing you on Discord!


Your Rail Nation Team