Free for all: LMS Coronation Class

Dear players,

Today we’d like to introduce you to the second of three new production series. This time, it’s the Cheetah that’s getting a new look in the form of the LMS Coronation Class.

The LMS Coronation Class is a steam engine first built in 1937. The two streamlining plates on this engine are particularly eye-catching and were used to lower drag. These plates were removed from later models, as they were not effective and made servicing the engine more difficult.
Sadly, the Coronation Class is also famous for being involved in the second-largest disaster in British railway history, in which 112 people lost their lives when two trains collided. Among other consequences, this accident led to the introduction of the ‘Automatic Warning System’, marking an important milestone in the history of British rail transport.

Today, only three units of the Coronation Class remain, with two of them on display in museums in York and Birmingham, while the third unit, named the ‘Duchess of Sutherland’, is still in service in Derbyshire.

The LMS Coronation Class will be available in Rail Nation from 21st February 2019 as a production series for the Cheetah!

Full steam ahead,

Your RN Team